Pink Dolphin Clothing

We are a group of very environmental conscious designers who are passionate about protecting our nature and especially this special rare sea creature. Pink Dolphin has inspired us to conjure up a whole series of masterpieces to share with the world.



To design aesthetical products with the “save our environment theme”

These surreal sea mammals inspire us to make our work transcend cultural and language boundaries. Street art is the most controversial form of art today. Globalization and internet have taken this to another level. No longer perceive as something one can only find in the dark alley. We can only look at it as a platform used by people from main street to express their feelings and thoughts. Our creative artists have other ideas.................


Young street artists are the cornerstones of this creative endeavour.


People from all walks of life appreciate these images of subtle and insightful interpretations of "the irony of life". We want to bring the plight of Pink Dolphins to the eyes of people in the world. They are threatened by marine traffic, depletion of fish stocks for food due to overfishing by human beings and water pollutions created by various industries.

Original Pink Dolphin Clothing Since 1996

Pink Dolphin Clothing is a registered trademark ™ ® in Australia,China,Hong Kong,Macau, India, Thailand, Indonesian, and Vietnam

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A Whimsical Tee: Marine Madness Meets Modern Hip Hop. Step into a world where the roar of the ocean meets the beats of urban streets.The ensemble consists of a striking combination of pink and black, evoking and imposing dolphin against the backdrop of a deep azure sea. The pink hue brings to mind the vibrant energy of a happy dolphin, while the black delivers a sense of depth and mystery. It's a breathtaking juxtaposition that captures the spirit of the dolphin-inspired robotic anthropomorphic character on her tee-shirt.The clothes aren't just a homage to the ocean and the dolphins; they also celebrate a passion for music, with hints of brand Merchandise and promotional artwork. The overall feel is expertly infused with a touch of happiness and cheer, making the wearer irresistibly likable. It's an outfit that's sure to turn heads on any hip hop scene.

OurTrade Mark

Two kissing Dolphins
Color Pink